Reserve Open Billet Listings

Last updated: 2023/03/25

SMCR. Consists of three elements – SMCR units, individual mobilization augmentées (IMA), and the Active Reserve (AR).

SMCR units. Marine Forces Reserve (MFR)- 4th MarDiv, 4th MAW, 4th Marine Logistics Group, and force units – make up SMCR units and are scattered throughout the United States. It is not unusual for units of the same organization to be separated by hundreds of miles. SMCR units are responsible for all administrative (including pay), supply, and medical requirements of the Reserve Marines attached to them. At a bare minimum, SMCR unit Marines complete 48 drill periods (normally 1 weekend a month) and 2 weeks annual training duty (ATD) each year. SMCR unit billets are 3 years long, after which you need to either reapply or find another position elsewhere. There are over 180 SMCR units scattered throughout the country.

IMA. IMA Marines are not members of an SMCR unit. They are individual Reserve Marines with skill sets of need to the AC forces, Department of Defense, or other governmental agencies. Typically IMA Marines are assigned to staff billets. Their administrative (including pay) requirements are completed by MFR. In most instances their supply and medical requirements are supplied by the unit to which they are attached. IMA Marines also have 48 drill periods and 2 weeks ATD each year. IMA drill periods are individually scheduled between the reservist and the unit he is augmenting.