Date Signed: 8/5/2022 | MARADMIN 396/22

R 051311Z AUG 22
REF/C/MSGID: DOC/P1070.12K/YMD: 20000714//
POC/MELANIE J. MCCLINNIS/MAJ/MMPR-1/-/TEL: (703) 784-9703/EMAIL: [email protected]//
GENTEXT/REMARKS/1.  As announced by reference (a), the FY24 U.S. Marine Corps Limited Duty Officer (LDO) Promotion Selection Boards will convene on 14 September 2022, at Harry Lee Hall, Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA.  The Promotion Selection Boards will consider permanent Limited Duty Officers for promotion to the grades of Lieutenant Colonel and Major.  Permanent LDOs compete for promotion as vacancies become available in their grade and military occupational specialty (MOS).  Officers in a temporary status will not be eligible for consideration for promotion by the board.
2.  Promotion Boards.  The boards will consider, by MOS and grade and only as specified by the yearly promotion plan, three categories of officers:  above-zone, in-zone, and below-zone.  Officers defined as permanent LDO in reference (b) on the date the boards convene are eligible for the relevant boards.  However, officers with established separation/retirement dates within 90 days after the convening date of their respective board will not be considered by the board if the separation/retirement date is established by the date the board convenes.  In addition, captains who are not U.S. citizens will not be considered for promotion to major.  Officers whose lineal control number (LCN) precedes the senior officer in-zone are defined as above-zone. Those above-zone officers who have not been previously considered are defined as "above-zone, not previously considered."  Officers in this status are considered by the boards to be in-zone.  Officers may review reference (b) and their eligibility for the boards on the internet at the officer promotion homepage.  The senior and junior officers in-zone (SR and JR IZ) and the junior officer in the below-zone (JR BZ) are as follows (Encl (1) of reference (b) applies):
2.a.  LDO Lieutenant Colonel Promotion Selection Board.  The MOS 0430, 2102, 2340, 2802, 3102, and 5902 selection boards will consider below-zone (BZ) officers.
2.a.1.  MOS 0430                             DOR          LCN
        SR IZ: Maj Donald E. Charboneau      01 Sep 17    20792000
        JR IZ: Maj Keith C. Datiz            01 Jan 19    22523000
        JR BZ: Maj Dustin R. Heffel          01 Jul 19    23017000
2.a.2.  MOS 1705         
        ONLY IZ: Maj Aaron S. Ellis          01 Mar 19    22733000
2.a.3.  MOS 2102
        SR IZ: Maj Jason W. Price            01 Mar 18    21503000
        JR IZ: Maj Enrique Bandt             01 Feb 20    23838000
        JR BZ: Maj Michael D. Bressler       01 Feb 20    23841000
2.a.4.  MOS 2340
        SR IZ: Maj John D. Williams          01 Apr 20    24035000
        JR IZ: Maj William J. Rulli Jr.      01 Sep 20    24496000
        ONLY BZ: Maj Michael P. Ruegger      01 Sep 20    24497000
2.a.5.  MOS 2802
        SR IZ: Maj Andres J. Agramonte       01 Jul 20    24151000
        JR IZ: Maj Adam W. Pinkney           01 Sep 20    24421000
        ONLY BZ: Maj Timothy G. Otto         01 Sep 20    24422000
2.a.6.  MOS 3102
        SR IZ: Maj James M. Rod              01 Mar 18    21499000
        JR IZ: Maj John C. Jarvis            01 Apr 19    22828000
        ONLY BZ: James M. Shipman            01 May 20    24088000
2.a.7.  MOS 5902
        SR IZ: Maj Steven M. Angeline        01 Aug 19    23114000
        JR IZ: Maj Donald K. Brown           01 Mar 20    23850000
        JR BZ: Maj James F. Haunty           01 Sep 20    24498000
2.a.8.  MOS 6004 
        SR IZ: Maj Kevin M. Relph            01 Jul 19    23016000
        JR IZ: Maj Robert A. Lien            01 May 20    24082000
2.a.9.  MOS 6302
        SR IZ: Maj Jeremy F. Ortiz           01 Jun 18    21665000
        JR IZ: Maj Edwin E. Rodriguez        01 Sep 20    24492000
2.a.10.  MOS 6802
         ONLY IZ: Maj Duane A. Gumbs         01 May 17    20330000
2.a.11.  No Lieutenant Colonel LDO Promotion Selection Boards will be convened for the following MOSs:  0605, 2305, 3302, and 6502. 
2.b.  LDO Major Promotion Selection Board.  The MOS 0430, 0605, 2102, 2305, 2340, 2802, 3102, 3302, 6004, 6302, 6502, and 6802 selection boards will consider below-zone (BZ) officers.
2.b.1.  MOS 0430                             DOR          LCN
        SR IZ: Capt Justin W. Rehm           01 May 19    34354000
        JR IZ: Capt Amir H. Golshani         01 Aug 19    34742000
        JR BZ: Capt Justin A. Goss           01 Jun 20    36068550
2.b.2.  MOS 0605
        SR IZ: Capt Cornell A. Sampson       01 May 19    34346000
        JR IZ: Capt Brian J. Duvall          01 Jun 20    36068200
        JR BZ: Capt John M. Rydman           01 Jun 20    36068475
2.b.3.  MOS 1705
        SR IZ: Capt Joshua O. Stewart        01 May 19    34347000
        JR IZ: Capt Leila R. Doumanis        01 Sep 20    36401700
2.b.4.  MOS 2102
        SR IZ: Capt Jason C. Beck            01 Nov 19    35293400
        JR IZ: Capt Marco A. Nunez           01 Jun 20    36068375
        JR BZ: Capt Joshua T. Ray            01 Jun 20    36068990
2.b.5.  MOS 2305
        SR IZ: Capt Samuel C. Denning        01 Nov 18    33706000
        JR IZ: Capt Ahbleza Theobald         01 May 19    34356000
        JR BZ: Capt Jacky R. Brewer          01 Jun 20    36068225
2.b.6.  MOS 2340
        SR IZ: Capt Shaun B. Saurborn        01 May 19    34350000
        JR IZ: Capt Nicholas S. Jacobs       01 Sep 20    36401050
        JR BZ: Capt Lori J. Becerra          01 Sep 20    36401300
2.b.7.  MOS 2802
        SR IZ: Capt David E. Friedman        01 May 19    34352000
        JR IZ: Capt Jackie R. McNellie Jr.   01 Jun 19    34453000
        JR BZ: Capt Kenneth J. Schneider Jr. 01 Sep 20    36401400
2.b.8.  MOS 3102
        ONLY IZ: Capt Jeffrey Tang           01 May 18    32803000
        JR BZ: Capt Hugo J. Vargas           01 Jun 20    36068925
2.b.9.  MOS 3302
        ONLY IZ: Capt Robert W. Kreuger III  01 May 19    34374000
        ONLY BZ: Capt Bryan M. Baker         01 Jul 19    34578800
2.b.10.  MOS 5902
         SR IZ: Capt Dale W. Elder           01 Aug 19    34737000
         JR IZ: Capt Jessy W. Phillips       01 Jun 20    36068425
2.b.11.  MOS 6004
         SR IZ: Capt Bradley S. Cook         01 Aug 18    33205500
         JR IZ: Capt Kevin M. Graninger      01 Jun 20    36068150
         JR BZ: Capt Robert W. Brooks III    01 Jun 20    36068750
2.b.12.  MOS 6302
         SR IZ: Capt Joseph A. Ortiz         01 Sep 17    31691000
         JR IZ: Capt Stephen G. Adams        01 Jun 18    32940000
         JR BZ: Capt Michael K. Burgess      01 Jul 19    34578200
2.b.13.  MOS 6502
         SR IZ: Capt Bradley C. Kirby        01 Oct 18    33570000
         JR IZ: Capt Ricky L. Manley         01 Jul 19    34578300
         JR BZ: Capt Leandro S. Crooms       01 Aug 19    34746000
2.b.14.  MOS 6802
         ONLY IZ: Capt Paul L. Nelson        01 Sep 14    27756300
         JR BZ: Capt Zachary B. Fossum       01 Dec 19    35398500
2.b.15.  Major LDO Promotion Selection Boards will be convened for all MOSs.
3.  Continuation Boards.  Upon conclusion of each Promotion Selection Board, the Board will reconvene as a continuation board as specified below.  Officers may verify their eligibility for consideration for continuation by contacting CMC (MMSR).  CMC (MMSR) will adjust the mandatory retirement dates and/or notify the officers selected for continuation, as applicable, after the promotion selection results have been announced.  The following continuation boards will be convened:
3.a.  The FY24 USMC Lieutenant Colonel LDO (Select) Continuation Boards will select for continuation those officers selected by the promotion selection boards to the grade of Lieutenant Colonel who would otherwise be subject to involuntary retirement due to total years active service until the officers have time to complete three (3) years in the grade of Lieutenant Colonel.
3.b.  The FY24 USMC Major LDO (Select) Continuation Boards will select for continuation those officers selected by the promotion selection boards to the grade of major who would otherwise be subject to involuntary retirement due to total years active service until the officers have time to complete three (3) years in the grade of major.
4.  Board Preparation Guidance.  Officers are advised to review reference (a) for guidance regarding submission of information, auditing the Official Military Personnel File (OMPF) and Master Brief Sheet (MBS), fitness reports (FITREPS), deferment of eligibility, and requests for non-selection prior to the convening date of the board.  Officers may review reference (a) at the officer promotion homepage.  Although mentioned in reference (a), the following guidance is provided:
4.a.  Personal Responsibilities.  Each officer is personally responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of their OMPF and MBS before the date the boards convene.
4.b.  Obtaining and Reviewing the OMPF.  The primary and most expeditious means of obtaining and viewing the OMPF and MBS is through OMPF online via MOL.  The MBS can also be obtained through the MMRP web site.  Refer to reference (c) to determine what documents are appropriate for inclusion in the OMPF.
4.c.  OMPF Document Submission Guidelines.  Officers are personally responsible for correcting deficiencies, missing information, or illegible documents present in either the OMPF or MBS with CMC (MMRP-20).  Per reference (c), ensure any material sent to CMC (MMRP-20) for filing in the OMPF contains full name, grade, and the Electronic Data Interchange Personal Identifier (EDIPI).  If the EDIPI is not on the material, then the material may or may not be filed in the OMPF in time to go before the selection board.  For corrections or updates to the Administrative Information Section of the MBS, contact your unit S-1 or Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC).  For corrections, deficiencies, missing fitness reports and date gaps to the Performance Evaluation Summary section of the MBS contact (MMRP-31).  Officers are reminded that any additions or deletions from their OMPF or MBS within the 12-month window should also be verified to ensure the accuracy and completeness of their record.  OMPF documents can be emailed as a pdf attachment or can be mailed to CMC (MMRP-20), however, inclusion into the OMPF is substantially faster if the documents are emailed.  See paragraph 7 (MMRP) for OMPF inquiries and document submission points of contact.
4.d.  OMPF Document Submission Timelines.  It is imperative that documents submitted to CMC (MMRP-20) for inclusion in the OMPF within 60 days of a selection board be conspicuously marked "contains documents for FY24 (appropriate board) selection board".  With the exception of fitness reports, officers are highly encouraged to ensure all OMPF documents are forwarded to and received by CMC (MMRP-20) at least two weeks prior to the convening date of the selection board in order to allow processing time to the OMPF.  Officers are advised that the OMPF and MBS are distributed to the boardroom at least one week before the board convening date.  Board eligible records continue to be updated until the convening date of the board, however, officers are to submit all material no later than two weeks prior to the board for which they are eligible.
4.e.  Career Counselors.  It is the responsibility of each officer to ensure their personal records (OMPF/MBS) reflect accurate and current information.  Officers concerned with specific aspects of their record may contact their respective career counselors.  Active component officers should contact CMC, Officer Career Counseling Section (MMRP-50).  Performance evaluation and fitness report policy and correction specific questions should be directed to MMRP-31.
4.f.  Active duty officers:  Conduct an OMPF self-audit.  Refer to the self-audit document guide located at the MMRP-50/Officer Counseling/Preparing Records for a Board link.  It is also highly encouraged that officers contact MMRP-50 to receive a pre-board career performance assessment one year prior to their in-zone look.  In order to schedule a pre-board counseling appointment refer to the MMRP-50/Officer Counseling/Speak With A Counselor link via the Manpower and Reserve Affairs portal.
4.g.  Fitness Reports.  Fitness reports are due to CMC (MMRP-30) by the timelines noted in reference (d).  Reports mailed directly to the president of the board will not be added to an officer's OMPF.  For fitness reports to become part of the OMPF, the reports must be submitted to CMC (MMRP-30).  The automated performance evaluation system (A-PES) is the primary means of submitting fitness reports.  However, reporting officials may email pdf copies to the MMRP-32 organizational mailbox at [email protected], so long as the mailer's email account can be confirmed as either the reporting senior's or reviewing officer's .mil email address.  If mailing a paper version of a report to HQMC, it is imperative that the forwarding envelope is conspicuously marked "contains FITREPs for FY24 (appropriate board) selection board."  Timely submission of fitness reports is critical for board-eligible members, as CMC (MMRP-30) will need time to review reports for accuracy and compliance.  Commanders are ultimately responsible for the timely submission of fitness reports to (CMC) MMRP-30 and ensuring that all fitness report timelines noted in reference (d) are adhered to.
4.g.1.  Date gaps must be corrected IAW chapter 8 and appendix G of reference (d).  If missing reports are less than one year old, a reconstructed original is required.  Copies of the completed fitness reports over one year old must have all pages certified as true copies by either one of the reporting officials (RS/RO).  For completion and submission of reports that are over one year old, it is preferable that the original reviewing officer complete the report.  However, CMC (MMRP-30) may act as the reviewing officer on reports that are not adverse on a case-by-case basis.
4.g.2.  Officers are reminded that requests for administrative changes to their fitness report records may take up to 30 days for completion.  Reasonable diligence for records correction timeliness rests solely on the officer making the request.
4.h.  Professional Military Education (PME).  The selection guidance (precept) for many boards includes a reminder of the importance of PME, whether resident or non-resident, in an officer's development.  Officers are advised to ensure that course completion information is noted on their MBS and that PME completion certificates are included in their OMPF in order to illustrate completion.  In cases where an officer has not completed PME but has completed one or more sub-courses of that PME, the officer may send a personal communication to the president of the board describing progress in completing the PME and include documented evidence of any sub-course completion.  See references (e) and (f) for additional information regarding PME.
4.i.  Civilian education.  All officers must ensure their civilian education is accurately reflected in the Marine Corps Total Force System (MCTFS).
5.  Forwarding Communications to the Board.  All eligible officers may submit correspondence to their respective promotion selection board via U.S. Mail, next-day delivery services (FedEx, UPS, etc.), email, or fax.  U.S. Mail is not delivered directly to Harry Lee Hall.  Therefore, anticipate a 2-3 day lag time for further delivery to Harry Lee Hall.  Commercial next-day carriers deliver directly to Harry Lee Hall, excluding weekends and holidays.  Officers with the  capability to scan may send their correspondence via email directly to the organizational mailbox:  [email protected].  Ensure the email subject line reads "correspondence to the FY24 USMC (appropriate grade) promotion selection board."  Contact information is located in paragraph 7 of this MARADMIN. 
5.a.  Officer Correspondence.  All eligible officers may, if desired, submit correspondence to the President of the Board.  The correspondence should include only those matters deemed important in the consideration of an officer's record.  OMPF materials sent directly to the board president will not become part of an officer's OMPF.  Although officers may submit any material they deem important, officers should contact CMC (MMRP-30) before submitting fitness reports and CMC (MMRP-20) for any other OMPF materials.  This will ensure that an officer's OMPF is appropriately updated.  The following guidelines apply:
5.a.1.  Correspondence must be submitted under signed cover letter by the eligible officer with the material for the board’s consideration listed as enclosures (a sample cover letter is available at the officer promotion homepage).  Material submitted without a signed cover letter by the eligible officer will not be submitted to the board.
5.a.2.  The cover letter must be addressed to the President, FY24 USMC (appropriate grade) promotion selection board (see paragraph 7.a for complete address), and signed with a pen by the eligible officer.  
5.a.3.  Pursuant to Title 10, U.S.C. Section 614(b), eligible officers are personally responsible for ensuring CMC (MMPR-1) has physically or electronically received their personal correspondence to the President of the board NLT 2359 Eastern Standard Time (EST), 10 calendar days prior to the convene date of their respective board in order to be considered.  Correspondence arriving after 2359 EST 10 calendar days before the board convene date WILL NOT be accepted or submitted to the board as per reference (g).  All personal correspondence for the following boards must be received NLT 2359 EST on the due date annotated below: 
Selection To         Component     Convening Date   Due Date 
LtCol and Maj LDO    Active        14 Sep 22        3 Sep 22
5.b.  Communications or memorandums of recommendation from other parties on behalf of officers eligible for consideration will not be provided to the board unless forwarded as an enclosure to a signed memorandum to the board from the officer being considered IAW paragraphs 5.a.1-3 of this MARADMIN.  
5.c.  Verification of Receipt of Correspondence.  Correspondence sent via USMC email will receive an email confirmation.  The email confirmation receipt is the official notification that CMC (MMPR-1) has received your board correspondence. 
5.d.  Request for Non-Selection.  Officers eligible for promotion who plan to separate or retire may correspond with the president of the board requesting they not be selected for promotion.  Any officer who writes such a letter to the board will still be considered for promotion and will incur a failure of selection if not recommended for promotion by the board.  Per Title 10, U.S.C. Section 1174, an officer who submits a request not to be selected for promotion, or who otherwise directly causes his or her non-selection through written communication to the board, is not entitled to separation pay if involuntarily discharged from active duty.  This pertains to all active duty boards, with the exception of the CWO board.  Requests for non-selection constitute officer correspondence and thus are subject to the guidance provided in paragraphs 5 thru 5.b. of this MARADMIN. 
5.e.  Classified  Reports.  Eligible officers whose records contain classified reports should notify CMC, (MMPR-1) as soon as possible. Notification should include the Marine's full name, EDIPI, grade, occasion, and dates of the report(s).  CMC (MMPR-1) will confirm the existence of the report(s) and ensure its consideration by the board.
6.  Post-board information and guidance.  Officers may view the approval progress of their board from the officer promotion homepage.  When the results of a field grade board are authorized to be released, a "personal for" (P-4) email will be forwarded to all Marine Corps general officers and certain colonels.  The P-4 affords the recipients an opportunity to ensure each select and in-zone non-select are advised of their promotion status.  The P-4 includes work phone numbers that are obtained from MCTFS.  All officers are required to ensure their contact data is correct in MOL and MCTFS and to verify the accuracy of their MCC, unit, billet, phone and email information.  Accurate, current contact information will facilitate more efficient notification.  Approximately five (5) working days after a P-4 is released, SECNAV will release the ALNAV announcing the names of the officers selected by the board.  
7.  Addresses, Points of Contact, and Internet Information:
7.a.  Address for the President of the Board:
            FY24 USMC (appropriate grade) Promotion Selection Board
            Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (MMPR-1)
            Harry Lee Hall
            17 Lejeune Road
            Quantico, VA 22134-5104
7.b.  Officer Promotion Section (MMPR-1) comm 703-784-9705:
7.b.1.  Section head, DSN 278-9703/04
7.b.2.  Promotion board action officers, DSN 278-9705/06/07
7.b.3.  Lineal staff, 703-784-9705/06/07, DSN 278-9705/06/07
7.b.4.  Confirm receipt of material, 703-784-9704 
7.b.5.  Fax material to:  comm 703-784-9883/9884 OR DSN 278- 9883/9884
7.b.6.  Email material to:  [email protected].
7.c.  Internet information through the officer promotion homepage.  Go to  Select the "active marines" tab at the top of the page.  Under "manpower management (MM)," select "promotion branch (MMPR)," and then select "officer promotions," to arrive at the officer promotion homepage.  From there, to find:
7.c.1.  Reference (a):  Select "promotion boards", click on the "FY24 Active" and the respective board.  Select hyperlink for "message number 098/22." 
7.c.2.  Lineal list:  Under "officer promotions", under "reference", select "McBul 1400-blue book dtd July 2022." 
7.c.3.  Zone eligibility or update material receipt verification:  Under "officer promotion", select "my eligibility." Click hyperlink that says "My Eligibility."
7.c.4.  Information for preparing for a board:  Select "preparing for your board."
7.c.5.  Sample cover letter:  Under "reference" select "sample cover letter."
7.c.6.  Consult with a career counselor via the Manpower Management Records and Performance Branch homepage:  Under "MMRP-50 Officer/Enlisted Career Counseling" select "MMRP50_OC" and then select "speak with a counselor."
7.d.  Manpower Management Record and Performance Branch.
7.d.1.  Records Management Section (MMRP-20).  OMPF documents or questions concerning the OMPF can be sent by the following means:
7.d.1.a.  Email:  [email protected].
7.d.1.b.  Address:
                   Commandant of the Marine Corps
                   Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps (MMRP-20)
                   2008 Elliot Road
                   Quantico, VA 22134-5030
7.d.1.c.  Phone numbers (comm 703-784-3907, DSN 278-3907)
OMPF customer service, DSN 278-3906/3907/5640
7.d.2.  Performance Evaluation Section (MMRP-30), email [email protected], comm 703-784-4713, DSN 278-4713 or toll free 1-800-268-3710.
7.d.3.  Officer Career Counseling Section (MMRP-50), comm 703-784-9281, DSN 278-9281.
7.d.4.  Operations Section (MMRP-60), comm 703-784-3738/4607, DSN 278-3738/4607.  
7.e.  Separation and Retirement Branch (MMSR), comm 703-784-9324 or DSN 278-9324/9306.
8.  Release authorized by MajGen Michael J. Borgschulte, Director, Manpower Management Division.//